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Access to good healthcare is prerogative of every citizen. Poor people staying in remote and rural area have practically no access to health care system and simple disease is major burden to carry. Madinut-ul-ilm in its initiative to provide comprehensive healthcare to most marginalized section of society organized a day long free medical camp in a small and remote village called Kothale. Kothale is a small village some 110 Km from Mumbai.

On the way to Kothale you discover all the wonderful things that the nature can boast of- mountains, rivers, waterfalls, canyons, picturesque landscapes and bridges. When you reach Kothale you can discover all the misery human life can come across- poverty, disease, hunger, deprivation, helplessness and rejection.

A team of expert doctors - internists, general surgeons, paediatrician, orthopaedic, neuro surgeon, neurologist and pharmacist with eight supporting staff attended this health camp which was held in the premises of a local primary school. A total of 335 patients suffering from different ailments were treated and were provided with free medicines. Certain basic over the counter drugs were given to responsible people of the village to distribute free as and when needed.

Those patients who needed care at a higher medical centre were properly guided.

At the end of the day an educational public awareness presentation via projector was done. The ill effects of liquor consumption were explained with pictures and charts.

To maintain good health in this remote area with bare minimum resources is a challenge in itself. Our team visited the Kothale and nearby eight villages twice before this medical camp and prepared an audio visual presentation in which locally available fruits, vegetables and grains were highlighted in such a way so as to make one understand the nutritious value of these so as to achieve maximum benefit out of them. Villagers demanded medical camps at regular interval.